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For US Orders:

Shipping is free for orders within the United States and our delivery times vary with your location from our Shipping Center in located in Los Angeles.   Expect 2 to 7 business days from the time you purchase to when you receive your shoes. 

We ship worldwide. But, please note that orders from outside U.S.A. may suffer additional duty charges according to local custom regulation, while all U.S.A. orders are free of additional duty charges


U.S.A. & Canada - 1-3 working days

EU countries - 5-7 working days

Australia - 7-10 working days

Russia & other countries - 7-10 working days

We try our best to deliver quick and efficient shipping service internationally, but every now and then we get unexpected delays.  (e.g. strikes, customs procedures, etc.).

*Orders from outside U.S.A. may suffer duty charges according to local custom regulation