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Thank you for your interested in DaVinci Barefoot!

We're a new barefoot shoe brand with a mission to bring the barefoot shoe feel to more than just running and fitness, but to a style that can be worn casually that is ultra luxurious.

We use the finest leathers combined with the optimal construction methods to create our shoes in a way where you may find they feel unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

On top of that, our shoes are designed to last. Our full-grain, luxury leather will last for years and develop a patina that many say is better than the original look.

They are weather proof, can be resoled and cleaned and polished for whenever you need a like new look again.  

We had a mission to make the highest quality barefoot shoe on the market and we're proud to have finally accomplished that!

But, we know what it is like to purchase shoes over the internet that you have never seen in person or tried on yourself.

Our Offer To You:

If you're seeing this message, you're one of our first customers, and with that being said, we would like to give you our biggest discount to get you on board!

Use Coupon Code - new - at the checkout for $75 off. The coupon code is only available for a limited time and can only be used once per customer.

On top of that, we would also like to offer you our guarantee...

Our Guarantee To You

We only use the finest materials to create our shoes. When our customers receive them in the mail, their first thought is often how much better our shoes look in person.
The beauty of the richly oiled, full-grain leather is difficult to convey with photos alone and this is what is noticed most about our shoes.

But, we don't want you to take our word for it.

If you too do not feel our shoes look significantly better in person.. and if you don't feel our barefoot shoes offer a fit and feel that is not the most comfortable you've experienced, we don't want you to pay.

Simply said, if you do not feel our shoes are the best, send them back and we'll give you a full refund. No Questions and no Hassle.

That's our guarantee to you.

Click the link below to shop our styles. Pick the one you like best and enter New at the checkout for your discount.

The DaVinci Shoe Team.