How Our Shoes Are Made

We're proud to have the only hand-crafted barefoot shoe company in America and one of the biggest questions we're asked is..

How are our shoes are made?

So here we would like to tell you a little more about how our shoes are produced and how they get to you...

1:   It all starts at our design studio in Los Angeles, CA.  Where our head designer Eric Payne sketches out the initial concepts.

2: We go through dozens of concepts for each model and decide which designs would be the best fit for our customers.

3: Once chosen, Eric then makes a prototype of concept.

4: We perfect the prototype with fit, feel and the materials to make sure every piece is perfect. 

5: Once the prototype is exactly what we want, we create a tech pack to our specifications for our factory.

6: Our head of production, Jaime then travels with our prototypes and tech pack to our factory in Leon, Mexico.

Leon is known as the shoe capital of the world because of their rich history making footwear and other leather goods since the mid-17th century.  

7: We work with a family owned factory that produces our shoes in small batches by hand. Each pair of DaVinci Shoes must go through several stages of highly involved production before they are complete. 

8: We produce of 200 pairs for each style with 7 pairs for each size.

9: Once completed, we ship them to our warehouse in Los Angeles and give them another inspection to ensure quality. 

10: When you place an order, we give them another once over and then ship them straight to you!