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Are These The Most Comfortable
Minimalist Shoes on Earth?

A new shoe is on the market and some say wearing them is unlike anything they've ever felt before. What features actually make a shoe comfortable? The answers may surprise you. These features are not cheap, but once you experience them, you'll understand why many wearers of these shoes are refusing to wear anything else...

1. Buttery Soft Lining:

Shoe lining with no seams and an ultra smooth finish has zero friction on your sock and can feel like butter when you're walking. Which lining do you use for this? Only natural leather will work. Leather lining is not cheap and that's why most shoe brands skip out on this important comfort feature.

2. Full Leather insole

The DaVinci Full Leather insole wears to the shape of your foot to provide a comfortable yet minimalist padding that stays snug.

3. Cork filled MID SOLE.

The lightly filled cork mid sole aids in providing a minimalist feel yet adapts to your individual foot shape. This provides the right amount of padding to feel the ground when you walk and also provide protection.

4. Ultimate Flexibility.

The stitchdown construction method combined with an all leather inner and outer sole produce an extremely flexible shoe that still provides the comfortable barefoot feel that works when walking on any surface.

5. Full Leather construction:

Leather stretches and holds is shape unlike any other material. When a shoe is made entirely of leather with no stiffeners,excess rubber or a hard sole, it will form to your foot and provide a glove like feel that becomes more comfortable with age. Once worn in, these shoes can feel like an extension of your foot that you may not want to take off.

6. STITCH-DOWN Sole Attachment

The stitchdown construction method is the simplest, lightest and most effective method for sewing on a shoe sole. Where other shoes use glue, rubber or even a welted construction, these will make the shoe stiff and take away the ability for it to wear in to your foot.

When it comes to comfort, and the ability to wear in over time, the stichdown method is by far the most superior.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

Finally a barefoot shoe with style!

Written by Dr. Jen Pere on 8/20/2019

As a foot and gait specialist I am constantly trying to get my patients into zero drop footwear that bends and twists like the foot is supposed to. Most days this is a struggle because it means less than fashionable options. Not anymore. These boots are beautifully crafted, quality leather, and THEY'RE GOOD FOR YOUR FEET! I am so excited to watch this company take off!

Barefoot AND Stylish!

Written by Mark on 8/25/2019

"The feel is unlike any other barefoot shoes. They are so soft around the ankle and the foot bed feels amazing with how it molds around the foot. The look of a high top laced boot and the toe cap makes them super stylish and trendy but NOT look like a normal “barefoot” wide shoe. These boots not only look high quality but feel high quality! I’m in love with these boots! I HIGHLY recommend investing in these boots if you love your feet and want to look good and feel comfortable!"

The most comfortable boots I've ever owned!

Written by Elliot Murphy on 8/21/2019

Of all the shoes I've owned, these are hands down the best feeling sole for everyday use. I've owned them for about a month now and I wear them all the time. I have no question about the quality of these either, after a month or so of use they still look and feel brand new. The leather is soft and comfortable while walking and they never felt like I had to "break them in". I'm curious to try some of their other shoes to see if they are all this great! Definitely worth the purchase!!!

Hit A Home Run With These Boots!

Written by Aaron on 8/21/2019

DaVinci really hit a home run with these boots. The leather is so supple and flexible, and so is the sole. The sole moves with you as your foot is supposed to move. The cork footbed and rubber outsole is just enough protection from road debris. And they look awesome! Highly recommended!

Shoes Designed To Last A Lifetime

What's the difference with shoes that last and ones that fall apart? It's all in the leather. A high grade leather is tanned for weeks in special oils that have been refined over centuries to be the perfect recipe to create leather that stands up to the elements and last a very long time.

Leather that is tanned this way will not only look and smell amazing, but be incredibly soft and last a very long time. When used in fine shoe making, this type of leather will adjust to your feet and actually become better with age. It will soften in the areas it needs to and develop patina to bring out it's true luster.

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