Are These The Most Comfortable Minimalistic Shoes?

A new company claims to have created a minimalistic shoe that they say is far superior than all others. 

DaVinci Footwear is the brainchild of Los Angeles Shoe Makers who have a passion for boots and high quality leather.

They claim they've created a barefoot shoe made from the finest materials in styles that can be worn for any occasion. Is it?

Here's an images with everything they claim:

But What do The Reviews Say About DaVinci Barefoot?

Here's a first impression video with some of the details: 

From Anya Reviews:

What I love about them:

1. VERY well made. They’re possibly the nicest shoes I’ve owned. Incredibly classy.

2. High quality materials: they feel good on my feet, and they will conform and mold like a dream.

3. Leather sole: the sole is unlike anything I’ve seen before. It’s all leather, with rubber on heel and ball of foot. So, again with the molding. Not to mention grounding. They should eventually feel like a leather sock.

4. They fit close to my foot: these are narrow in the heel and ankle, so my foot doesn’t slide around and they look seamless. Bulky shoe openings cut off your leg line and look more casual. These can be worn with nearly anything and look sleek because they fit right next to your skin. So, legs for days folks.

5. They’re unique: nothing quite like this exists in the minimalist shoe world. Especially in men’s minimalist shoes (btw, my husband got a pair and they’re super sexy, will post pics).  There’s no doubt they’re gorgeous.

Is DaVinci Barefoot Right For You? 

Here's the full style guide with all the photos:

A Full Selection of styles and shoes can be seen on the links below: 


DaVinci Barefoot is a new minimalist shoe company that specialized in luxury leather minimalist shoes.