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About Us

The DaVinci Barefoot team is comprised of three shoemakers with a combined 20 years experience in footwear design and manufacturing. We joined forces in Los Angeles united by the notion that the footwear market lacked good-looking barefoot shoes. At our Downtown LA studio, the barefoot ideology was discussed, construction methods researched, samples were made, materials sourced. In autumn of 2017, we traveled to Mexico to shop for a factory that could not only handle the kind of craftsmanship we advocate, but do it with living wages. Finally in Léon, aptly nicknamed The Shoe Capital of the World with over 3000 shoe manufacturers, we stumbled upon Gran Barón, a family-owned 10-person factory started by Nadia Ceseña, a mom who continues to run the operation to this day with her husband. Gran Barón had everything we stood for: high quality in a fair labor environment. DaVinci shoes are there constructed, each pair with time, love, and tradition.