Team Davinci: Introducing Rubens Garcia



My name is Rubens Garcia, founder of Rmotion-Education & RestoreFeet.


I’m a Movement Therapist.

I guide my clients to understand their bodies and heal their issues by applying Neuro-bio-Mechanics through online 1&1 sessions.


The strength of my methodology is based on 3 main pillars: 

  • Optimal Foot function, 
  • Correct Breathing patter
  • Control of the Hips


6 years ago, I’ve started my barefoot journey. Being a pro soccer player my entire life, quite damaged both, the shape & the function of my feet, narrowing my toes, and diminishing my control over them. I started progressively, removing my shoes, being comfortable training without them, to remove my sock afterwards to be completely barefoot day after day around the gym facility I use to work.


It’s been such a long journey. A journey of self discovery and awareness. Being barefoot you really get to discover the true potential of this small structure, always being covered, jammed, and neglected. You get to feel, control, and understand how powerful the connections with the rest of the body is are; how your calves, hamstrings, Gluts and core get stronger, developing a better and taller posture with ease, almost effortless.


Six years ago, barefoot shoes were such a rare thing. Besides Vibram 5F, and Nike coming up with their Free 3 & 5 models, few options were available. I’m actually amazed about how this market developed recently, how many brands and options you can find right now, combining both, functionality and style.


I saw Davinci boots around 1 year ago through Instagram. The first impression was “wow”!. I got really surprised on their stuff. A barefoot boot, with the appearance of a style/fashion high quality “normal” boot?? Seriously?!! No need to say how in love I felt when I scrolled over their entire gallery, discovering their different models, colours and styles. No jokes, I think I pressed “like” to every single of their posts…


When I finally received my pair, the surprise got bigger: they are even better when you have them in your hands! The perfection of their hand-crafted stitching it’s impressive. I appreciate the position of their logo, not asking to be seen, but rather to be known by the quality of their product. I really love how the patina of the leather get its own personality every time you wear them, and how perfect they combine and complement any look you put on. 

I personally found, many times, people starring, and even asking me about them when I wear them. 


Definitely they become my boots to go during cold/rainy days. They allow my feet to continue expressing their function while adding style to my outfits, score.

The investment is 100% recommended.

Without doubt, a must have in your barefoot shoe rack.


Rubens Garcia.