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Our Philosophy

At DaVinci Footwear, we believe in a natural foot feel to bring walking back to what nature intended it to be.  Our shoes are a minimalist style designed for full-foot movement without the restriction, heavy padding, and stiffeners most modern day shoes have evolved into.  Our shoes work with your foot to utilize every muscle within and create a fit and feel that is unlike anything else you've ever experienced.  We only use the highest quality materials and design our shoes to last you for years.  Each pair is hand crafted in Leon, Mexico by experiences artizans and we pride ourselves on having some of the highest quality minimalist, natural foot feel shoes on the market today. 

Our barefoot shoes are made with top of the line materials to provide the utmost comfort and fit.  Many say, our shoes feel like nothing they've ever worn before and we're proud to offer such a unique product. 

We use the best full-grain leather direct from Leon, Mexico.  Our leather is slow-tanned to perfection - meaning, it will last you for many years to come. 

We designed our shoes with materials that become more comfortable with age.  Full leather outer and inner line allows our shoes to mold to your foot for a snug, yet relaxed feel.

Our stitch-down construction allows for a fit that stays completely flexible and helps mold to your foot with wear.  This provides a barefoot feel that is unlike anything else. 

Our shoes are proudly designed in Los Angeles, and made in Leon, Mexico.